Emergency food – Supply of Seven OceanS

Are you looking for emergency ratios to your vessel?

Whale Maritime have together with the Norwegian Group, GC Rieber, established a collaboration in regards to supply of survival and emergency ratios of Seven OceanS.

Whale Maritime will be supplying locally from our warehouse in Spain and is able to ship the survival ratios directly to your ship in any port needed!

The emergency ratios is useful for any kind of vessel or life raft!

The Seven OceanS survival ratios is the most popular ratios as emergency food at sea.

 With the Seven OceanS ratios you get the following:

  • Directions for use in
    14 different languages.
  • Halal Certified.
  • Approved by the
    Seafaring authorities in all the major shipping nations.

• One standard ration for all flags.

• Available from stockholders in all major ports of the world.

•Superior quality exceeding all requirements.

•Provides a balanced diet for survival at sea.

• 5 years shelf life unconditionally.

• Complies with SOLAS/ISO 18813:2006 and E.C. Directive 98/83.

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